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The Comp Hydro Project
As computational capabilities increasingly revolutionize and become integral to the practice of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines, the STEM+Computing (STEM+C) Partnerships program seeks to integrate the use of computational approaches in K-12 STEM teaching and learning. The Comp Hydro project will address the goals of the STEM+C program, as well as an urgent issue facing society: the availability of clean water as an ecosystem service supporting human uses and ecological integrity. The vision of Comp Hydro is to foster water and computational science literacy by integrating authentic, place- and data-based learning as high school students build and use physical, mathematical and conceptual models. The approaches and resources of Comp Hydro will be developed in a broad diversity of settings - types of schools and school systems, student and teacher populations, instructional contexts, and regional challenges and constraints on water quality and availability.

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